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There should be something that leaps, rejoices, and causes you to prophesy in the spirit of God over your destiny and someone else's when your miracle meets someone else's miracle.

- (Luke 1: 39:-55)

Dr. Marcia Theadford

Blessings G.L.A.M. Squad!  (Godly Ladies Anointed for MORE Squad)

God Will Fulfill His Purpose in You

 - Philippians 1:6

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines Purpose as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. God has called you for a purpose and He wants you to walk in your purpose. Someone is waiting on the other side of your purpose to help them leap into their destiny.

"We are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, with God prepared in advance for us to do." - Ephesians 2:10

The Prayer of Gratefulness from the "Just Pray About It!" Media Series

Know that you are not alone, and know that we are in the hands of God. He will provide us with strength when we need it. As "Highly Favored"  women of God like Mary, we too may wonder how the impossible can become possible. As the angel told Mary,” nothing will be impossible with God." Therefore, don't quit, don't give up and don't limit God!

When you feel like giving up, you are missing out on what God has to offer; His Best for your life. Just remember that you didn't give up when you were a toddler crawling all over the house while watching others walk boldly from one place to another. Your desire was to do what they were doing; walking. You started pulling yourself up on furniture and holding on tightly so you wouldn't fall. Once you conquered that, you focused on another piece of furniture or object to secure your balance. Then, you stretched your arms and made your first strides. You made it!

With a little more confidence, you decided to do it again. This time your goal was to reach a piece of furniture that was further away. You focused and stretched toward your goal. Oops. You slipped and fell. However, deep inside you knew that you could do it. And, there were so many people saying, "baby girl, get up, you can do it." With determination to accomplish your goal, you pulled yourself up, got your bearings, focused, and stretched once again toward your goal. You made it!

Dr. Marcia

You heard the applause of others complimenting your success. You felt good. Yes, you started moving closer and closer to your desired goal; to walk on your own. Well you thought, I believe I can accomplish this. I can do it, therefore I will walk. You took a deep breath, putting one foot in front of the other, again and again and again. You went from one piece of furniture to the next. Also, you noticed that people were holding out their arms toward you, cheering you to come to them. You did it again. Before long, not only were you walking from one piece of furniture to the next, you were walking from one room to the next, without any assistance. You are empowered for GREATNESS! - Dr. Marcia's  Glam Squad will be cheering you on and giving you strategies every step of the way. All things are possible for those who believe and trust in GOD - Proverbs 3:5-6

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Marcia - Purpose


G. L. A. M. (Godly Ladies Anointed for More) Squad is an Intergenerational Women's Mentoring ministry. Dr. Marcia Theadford offers strategies to lead you to an empowered life. You'll learn how to be more persevering in your faith, learning the purpose of having a pray life, and how to walk in your purpose with boldness and clarity.

Renew Your Spirit

Strengthen your relationship with God and let the love of Christ reign over your heart. Dr. Marcia Theadford, a spiritual mentor and ordained minister, seeks to help you on your path to an "empowered" Christian life. You'll be empowered and united with other Christian women as you pray, have collaborative wisdom exchanges with one another as you strategically collaborate in the planning of your life.  Seek spiritual counseling and mentorship from Dr. Marcia Theadford today and experience the power of a God-driven life.

Just Pray About It!
The Power to Overcome

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